MoovCareTM is a medical software device used to detect cancer relapse or complications during the follow-up of lung cancer patients at high risk of relapse.

What is MoovCareTM ?

MoovCareTM is the 1st application based on patient-reported outcome using clinical symptoms telemonitoring enabling remote active and individual follow-up of patients with treated lung cancer. It enables the early identification of relapse or complication requiring rapid and specific care.

Being both a science and technology challenge, MoovCareTM is the 1st application that was the subject of the same rigorous clinical development of those for medicine and implantable medical devices. The impact of its use on overall patient survival has been compared to intensive follow-up by thoracic scan.

Patent in Europe and US.
Moovcare TM is a class I medical device CE marked.

How does MoovcareTM work ?

MoovCareTM is a web-application based on an algorithm analyzing the dynamics of patient’s clinical symptoms It enables the patient (or a patient’s relative) to fill in from home every week -ideally at fixed day and time- or upon the occurrence of a new event, a table of 12 clinical symptoms. In case of identification of anomalies, an notification is sent to the medical team who contacts the patient quickly to confirm if it is necessary to undergo additional exams or resume a treatment.

MoovcareTM is a web-application* that could be used in various data media (computer, tablet or smartphone) enabling data securing and processing.

*A web application does not require download from stores, it only requires a web browser.

What are the benefits for patients ?

MoovCareTM, helping early detection of relapses and complications, improves the care of cancer and reduces mortality, and unnecessary imaging.

At an advanced stage, the most effective lung cancer treatments require a good overall condition of the patient because of their potential toxicities. The detection of relapses at the first clinical signs helps to prescribe optimal treatment, when the patient’s overall condition is preserved.

As it ensures a remote individualized and regular patient follow-up, MoovCareTM improves his quality of life.

MOOVCARETMData security

Patient-Generated Health Data in MoovcareTM is processed up to the highest standards of data integrity and IT security. Our hosting partner complies with all relevant European and French regulations regarding patient data handling and storage.

MOOVCARETMClinical Results

Results of the Phase III Randomized Trial to confirm the overall survival benefit of MoovcareTM in Lung Cancer Patients.

According to Fabrice DENIS MD, PhD (Le Mans, France)
LBA9006, Oral Session Annual Meeting of Clinical Oncology 2016 (Chicago)


New publication

Results of the Phase III Randomized Trial are published in the JNCI

(Journal of the National Cancer Institute)